Everything you Need to Know About Business in Italy

Italy is an economy with great potential and has a strategic location that favors international commercial expansion.Among the residency visa Italy attractions that make this country a place with favorable conditions for business we can highlight its modern infrastructure, as well as the great strengths in sectors such as technology and communication, the design of engineering products and high quality, biological sciences and others.

As a foreign entrepreneur, you must join a series of customs that characterize the business world in Italy.

Here are the most Important Tips you should Consider on this Subject:

  • If you are thinking of establishing yourself in Italy and starting a business, you must meet a series of fatigued requirements, make a series of payments, perform some accounting procedures and register with the single communication, residency visa Italyshould also be attentive.
  • In Italy, executives respect punctuality, so keep this aspect in mind when attending a business appointment, it is even advisable to confirm your attendance at dates close to the meeting.
  • As for clothing, they are extremely elegant, because personal appearance has a high value and is a sign of success. They tend to dress with a classic and prudent style to make a good impression, men usually wear fashionable and high-quality suits of Italian design.
  • Italian is characterized by having deep-rooted religious customs, this aspect is taken into account. As for the character, they are known for being loud, of strong temperament and often gesturing a lot when speaking.
  • Language management is essential when doing business, despite the fact that Italian is the official language, many entrepreneurs master the English language that would be the second language that could be used for business.
  • The industrial triangle of Italy focuses on Milan, Turin and Genova and in terms of the most important trading centers are Bologna, Rome, Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Florence.
  • The Italian businessman greatly appreciate the quality, and for them it is more important than the same price, so it is recommended to attend this aspect in a negotiation since they will always be pending to measure this aspect.
  • As for the topics of conversation, avoid politics and World War II topics, rather propose topics related to Italian culture, family, art, food and wine.
  • Italians are admired for their skills as negotiators, although they are also known with a certain reputation for their remarkable picaresque. They are skilled people to haggle, so you be aware of their strategies, which you may fall without even noticing.
  • As Italians are foodies, going to lunch is very common to close a business. So, it’s not surprising that they taste an exquisite dish while discussing business details,
  • To close a business, handshaking is very common, it applies to both sexes. Keep in mind that sometimes greetings are usually very friendly and effusive, although they have just met, the gesture of shaking hands cannot be missing, and you could incorporate some patting on the back, if you already have some confidence with this person.
  • Know that the Italian trading system is slow, and your system is characterized by being bureaucratic, keep this in mind if you require fast or short-term decisions.