First time Visiting Rome? How Tourist Attractions Maps, Metro Maps, Walking Maps Helps

Going to a new city has never been easy. Mistakes are bound to happen. To make your trip to Rome enjoyable and hassle free, we have compiled a list of common mistakes that you should not make.

These mistakes include errors related to travel preparation, failing to booking visits in advance, etc. Most of the information is based on the true experiences of visitors. Preventing these mistakes will definitely help you optimize your stay in this city and make it all the more incredible.

Not packing according to the season

Most of the people visit this beautiful city in the summer season between June and September whereas others prefer to arrive earlier during springtime from March to June. The clothes you pack should be in accordance to the season. It should make you feel comfortable and relaxing so that you can enjoy your trip in the best possible way.

If it is summer season, then it is advised to pack light and cool clothes. If you are visiting Rome in winter season, then you need warm clothing. Don’t pack any sleeveless shirts and shorts. Wear only comfortable shoes as the streets of Rome are mostly cobblestoned.

Not cautious of pickpocketers

Like other famous European cities, pickpocketing has been one of the most annoying things that can happen in Rome. One of the commonest places for pickpocketers is the Bus 64. It is the most useful tourist routes that provide frequent stops for key sights in the city. It also provides rich pickings for robbers. It is advised not to keep wallet in your back pocket and carry loose valuables. Money belts are the safest option if you happen to travel in this city.

Not obtaining a Roma pass

A Roma Pass is beneficial and a convenient method for travelers in the Rome city. It entitles a person with discounted fares and tickets that includes the metro and museums.

Not booking tickets to the Vatican museums in advance

To visit any tourist spot, it is important to get a security check done for your belongings. The queue at the ticket counter in order to visit the Vatican Museums can become very long at the peak months of the year. To avoid long waiting period, it is advisable to book tickets for the various tourist places in advance. This will help in avoiding any waiting and get direct entry to the tourist spot.

Book a Cheap Hotel in the Suburbs

Central Rome is the best place to find stunning hotels. It can also be a little pricey. Finding a cheaper accommodation in the suburbs can be quite tempting. But when increased travel time and cost of travel is taken into consideration, then all these advantages disappear.

If you have a tight budget, then the best thing is to look for affordable and cheerful accommodation in the city. Trip Indicator is the most reliable source to consider when planning for a trip to Rome. For details about popular Rome attractions and cheap accommodation options, click

Travel tips for first time visitors to Rome

  1. Always carry adequate cash
  2. Tipping is not mandatory but it is appreciated
  3. Order coffee at your favorite bar to avoid service charges
  4. Do not place an order for a cappuccino post noon. This is an infamous food crime in Italy
  5. Gelato is acceptable in any season and at any time
  6. Buy bus tickets before time


Rome has always been a dream tourist destination for almost everyone on this earth. A few mistakes can diminish your entire tour experience. One should avoid them at all cost. Understanding these mistakes will definitely help you guard yourself against them.