Plastic mold

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The plastic mold is essentially a closed mold (the mold is closed without any material in it). When put the plastic mold in to injection molding machine, the application of pressure to close the mold and hold it tightly clamped against injection pressure; the molten plastics material is forced into the closed cavity by a source of pressure other than that which caused the mold to close.

The melting of the plastics material in the injective machine cylinder is called plasticizing. The runner clearly shows as the cross-bar in front of the operators left arm. One gate is indicated by his left thumb. The molten material passes through the runner and gates on its way into the cavity. The point at which the molten plastics material passes from the runner into the cavity is called the gate.

You will note that we refer to “flowing into the cavity.” This cavity means the space between the male section and the female section in to which the molten plastics will eventually form into the desired shape and detail. The point at which the core and cavity separate or move apart when the mold is opened is called the parting line.

The different manners in which the material can be introduced into the cavity through a gate or gates in various locations. Each location has its advantage and disadvantages. The proper choice of gating is one of the essential fundamentals of mold engineering that must be mastered by the mold designer.

plastic molds are used for molding either thermosetting or thermoplastic materials. In the case of thermosetting material the mold is run hot. In the case of thermoplastic material the mold is run cold.

Ranges of temperature would be meaningless here because of the very wide range, meaning several hundred degrees between the different types of the same classification of materials.

The designer should read every date sheet and mold manufacturing technique book that he can obtain from the molds manufacturer of the raw material that will be molded in the mold under design, if you want to do business with plastic molds and plastic moldings, then go to our company website to know more information by

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