Small business trends to transform your small business operations

Looking for some innovative moves to transform your business operations in this age of technology and internet? If yes, then it is the right time to revamp and rethink your business strategies by taking the latest business trends into consideration if you really want to survive in this fast hanging business world. For a sure boom in your small business or company, surviving in the present is not enough but you also have to plan something bountiful for years to come. According to the experts there are so many reasons behind business failure like decrease in customer spending, economic ambiguity and cost of health insurance benefits etc. While if you are unable to land success on your way then lack of implementation of the latest business trends in your operations can be a major cause. So, have a look at latest small business trends to watch in this year and beyond in order to grow and develop your business accordingly.

Hyperlocal advertising

Do you believe that the mobile devices you use can access all your information specially your exact location? Yes, they can. And it will take the digital marketing to an amazing level by showing you the most relevant ads according to your interests. Hyperlocal marketing is a new advertising technique that uses the location of user to serve with relevant ads on the basis of current location and search interests. For example, if you have ever searched for a quick bachelor degree program online on your desktop and you can immediately get a better advertisement of that product near you even with an attractive offer. It will definitely improve the online shopping experience for the mobile user and will benefit the businesses more that are investing in hyperlocal advertising to get more customers and clients.

A boost in crowdfunding

Getting the small business loan application approved is one of the major issues that small businesses and companies are facing in these days. Since applying for a business loan is the better option for small businesses to meet their financial needs, most of the financial institutions and banks are cautious to provide funds to the businesses and companies new in the market. However, the trend of crowdfunding has largely increased in recent few years. Basically it sounds like a platform where new business and companies seek finances and funds for their projects prior to official launch and opening in the market. In this way, they can easily secure funds for their business operations without facing uncertainty.


If your small business cannot afford full time employees to run its operations defiantly, you can hire freelancers on reasonable rates to get the required job done as per your needs. Since freelancing is on rise from a decade, it is the best way to get most of the business related tasks done even in a tight budget. For example, if you are working on a website development project but don’t have sufficient time to write content for it, you can hire a freelance writer to get the job done. In this way, you will save a lot of time and energy by making a tiny payment to the freelancer. Acquiring the freelancing services is one of the latest business trends that can transform your business or company enormously.

Cloud-based solutions and technology

According to the experts, almost 82 % of small businesses are using at least one cloud based service or technology in these days. Use of the Google drive for business document sharing is the live example. Moreover, most of the business software and technologies are made with a feature of cloud computing to make the access to information and data quick and in real time. In this way, the businesses or companies are less likely to use physical devices and technologies in order to access data or business related information as can easily be accessed from anywhere with help of internet connection.

Security of customer’s personal data

Security is one of the most common and serious issues in this digital world. As customers are usually required to enter their personal details and information in order to complete a purchase transaction or to make payment, the small businesses need to make sure that the confidential and personal information of customers wouldn’t be shared with any third party for advertisement or for any other reason.  Since Google also want online businesses and websites to maintain security using SSL certificates, you should also be cautious about the customers’ personal data security in order to build trust and long term relations.

Mobile payments

Customers will always go with a convenient and reliable option when it comes to make purchases online and you can get more customers for your products if you are functional with an option of mobile payments. Most of the users always use insecure when it comes to make payments via credit card and also prefer mobile payments as it is a convenient and flexible option to pay quickly and securely. If you really want to boost your online revenues, you have to offer your customers an option of mobile payments such as Apple pay, Google pay and Samsung Pay etc.