Why You Should Choose Engineered Timber Flooring And Other Tips To Uplift Home

If you’ve been on the lookout for a gorgeous flooring for your new home, or have been itching to have your old one replaced, then it’s high time to talk about oak timber flooring. There are many reasons why you should consider this fast-growing trend. You may feel infatuated with the idea of a beautiful hardwood floor. However, once you get to know the perks that comes with engineered oak flooring, you would instantly fall in love with it.

Great long-term investment

Whether you choose to have your home, office or any property with this type of flooring, you are making the best choice for your money. Thanks to its beautiful appearance, flexibility, durability, long lifespan and price to name a few, it only adds to the list of things that add value to your property.

Easy to install

One thing that makes engineered timber flooring an excellent choice is because of its easy installation. You can install them using glue, nails or staples. You can place it on top of a vast number of floorings types. This method is called floating which lets you install it directly on surfaces such as wood, concrete and even on top of in-floor heating systems.

Stable, durable and flexible

Made from layers of sturdy wood, they are expected to last for more or less than ten years – depending on the kind of wood you will choose. You can use it in every room, glue it, staple it or nail it. These can withstand extreme weather conditions, resist humidity and even heavy footfalls.


When it comes to engineered oak flooring, manufacturers use the entire wood to make it. To create this type of flooring, the method used to cut them down is by slicing, not sawing. It means we can conserve resources without leaving any debris. If you want the eco-friendly version, you know which one to choose.

Looks real, feels real

If you have your home installed with the best oak timber flooring, even critics will agree that it would be tough to say if these are solid wood or not. If you want the type of floors that looks and feels like the real thing, then your go-to flooring is engineered timber floorings. Another great thing about this is that it looks excellent with residential uplighting from Robert Huff Illumination.

Availability in colours, styles, wood variety and more

One great thing about this type of flooring is that it comes in many varieties. You can choose the colour you want, the wood species it was made up of, the kind of finish of the flooring, and more! You can dress up or down your interior and exterior design with the help of a solid flooring that won’t let you down.

Deciding what your future floor will look like and everything that comes with it is no easy task. However, by knowing the benefits that come with choosing the best oak flooring Melbourne, you can guarantee that it is worth every cent. What more can you ask for from a floor that looks stylish, feels great, doesn’t break your bank and more?