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Do you like to watch mystery movies online free in HD? You can get hundreds of mystery films on our website in HD. There are basically two types of mystery pictures as –

  1. Open mystery movie
  2. Closed mystery movie

In the open genre, director already represents the criminal and investigator. Investigator tries to solve the critical puzzle in order to solve the criminal case and let the audiences to know the mystery at the end. He provides enough details which claim him/her to be the criminal and leave for them no choice to say any more lie. Closed genre is let the audience to know about the criminal at the end as director don’t prefer to know at first who is the criminal and overall film revolves around the investigator to collect the enough proof in front of the audiences with great suspense. The famous examples who already done such films are like Liam Neeson (USA Actor), Akshay Kumar (Indian Actor), Jackie Chan (Chinese Hero), Christian Bale (USA Actor), Angelina Jolie (USA Actresses) and many more who provided many hit films in the mystery movies industry. CSI, CID, CBI etc are television episodes having lots of series are also known as best example of closed mystery.

There are different ways to represent a mystery film. For example, it is sometimes possible an innocent people try to prove themselves to be criminal free and accuse other person to be criminal. The story plot around all they need is to collect the enough proofs for the innocence. To prove the innocence, they do hard fight against the evil, roam different places to collect efficient evidences and represent everything in a perfect manner. There are many more other ways to represent a mystery pictures and to solve it like there would be mystery of horror evil or there would be mystery of killing behind corruption, or many other several ways. Some mysteries solved in the court where judge give the imprisonment or death sentence while some lies behind evil which solves by God power.

Some of the best known mystery pictures are Sinister in 2012, Zodiac in 2012, Mystic River in 2003 and some latest films are Get Out in 2017, Wind River in 2017, Death Note in 2017, Arrival in 2016, Blade Runner 2049 in 2017 and many more. You can enjoy all the films on our site 1movies for free and in HD without any additional cost. You can even download unlimited without films though our website and there is no restriction to share unlimited with your friends and family. There is also no restriction on how much users can watch same film on different devices at same time. It is not compulsory to create account and you can request us any film if you didn’t get it in our stuff. If you still have any query then, please contact us or logon and enjoy watching pictures right now at your home or office with great comfort.