Different smoke damages

Fire while burning different objects release smoke pollution which is harmful for your entire house. Even after a small fire, the indoor air contains smoke and soot particles which are harmful for health. If food burnt on stove, leave burnt food odor in the house. It produces smoke residue on counters and called protein fire. These particles are carcinogens and dangerous for health. Different types of fire need different fire extinguisher according to their nature.

Complex fire is disastrous of all as it include both natural and synthetic objects, which causes black smoke on burning. Many different materials are used in the making of a building and household things, such as plastic, wood, fiber, metal, fabrics and concrete. Electrical appliances are present in residential and commercial places and can catch fire easily. Most common causes are short circuit, sparks or power surge in wiring or data processing panels. Most of the time these causes are hard to notice before the fire strikes.

Combustible material like oil, gasoline, paints, lacquers, tars and oil-based products caught fire very easily and must be extinguished properly. If fire is not treated properly it may ignite again.

Malfunction in oil-based furnace produces lots of smoke throughout the property and cause damage.

Lingering smoke and soot in the house are very harmful for health and must be treated soon. After smoke damage cleanup, there may be still soot particles in the air and should be checked by professionals to prevent health risks. Most of the objects produce harmful substances during burning process and on inhaling can cause serious health issues particularly to the lungs. Harmful gases like carbon monoxide when inhaled damages brain, heart and other organs. Smoke particles can seriously affect the eyes, lungs and causes allergies.

The experts check the level of carbon monoxide to preserve the air quality inside the house by using proper and advanced equipment and tools after the fire incident. The professionals not only restore your property after fire damage but also remove smoke contamination.

After firefighters have gone, the place needed to clean up and clear away the debris and ashes to start restoration process. Usually it is owners right to decide what objects they want to save and throw, but some things should be discarded immediately after house fire.

Due to extensive heat of fire and smoke, fabric of beddings, upholstery, curtains and personal clothing, is damaged and should be discarded to avoid irritation on skin. Cosmetics and medicines contain chemicals and minerals, high temperature of fire, smoke, soot and water contaminate and change the compositions and their effect, must be disposed of immediately. Water and extinguishers contaminate the food and fire heat activates bacteria in food cans and jars destroy it.

Fire and smoke discolor and damages walls, ceilings and surface of tiles. Smoke causes etching on glass and tarnish metal very quickly. The objects present in fire affected area becomes yellow and cause corrosion on materials. All these objects need special treatment and thorough cleaning which should be done by experts trained for using right tools. Otherwise you may cause more damage to the house by trying to do on your own.