Jobs in the Automotive Field

If you love automobiles and everything about them, then you may consider finding a career in the automotive industry. There are many options within this field. Whether you love building machines or making them sparkle, here are some potential career matches for you.

Auto Technician 

Technicians fill many roles within the automotive world. You can become specialized to work on one specific type of vehicle, or you can become a gas station service technician who works to keep fueling facilities and service stations up to code and compliant with regulatory laws. If you enjoy traveling, these jobs can offer you a chance to visit many locations as you help keep businesses running smoothly and safely.

Auto Salesperson 

If you love talking shop and driving cars, then maybe becoming a car salesperson is right the right choice for you. In this role, you are rewarded for staying up to date on industry trends and showing off your knowledge. You will be able to see all the most recent releases from automakers and be amongst the first to test-drive them, too. You also get to build personal relationships with clients as they take on one of their biggest purchases, which can be a fulfilling experience for both parties.

Auto Painter 

If you love all things automotive and also want to show off your creative side, consider becoming an automotive painter. This competitive field requires either on-site experience or certifications that you can earn through programs offered at community and technical colleges. As an autobody paint technician, you can work within a large chain or venture out and start your own enterprise.

A love of all things cars comes naturally to some people. If you are one of these people, then you may be able to find a satisfying and fun career in one of these positions.