Modifications You May Want To Make to Your Glock

If you own a Glock, you may want to modify it for many reasons. Perhaps you don’t like the way it slides, the way the sights work, or the texture of the grip. You may also want to update your gun before you take it out for its first try at a local competition at the shooting range. No matter what the reason you are looking for extras and mods for your Glock, there are many on the market to choose from. Here are three parts of your gun you can choose to alter.

The Grip

The most important part of holding the gun is the grip. If it doesn’t fit into your hand in a comfortable and secure way, you can’t look at it as an extension of yourself. Changing the grip to allow as much surface contact with your hand as possible is important in applying even pressure during a shoot. This can allow you to have consistent results with every shot.

The Sight

Whether you are competing during a rain storm, at night, or under the blazing sun, you will want a reliable sight. Look for Glock competition sights that allow you to focus comfortably, and whether it needs to be a little larger than normal or not is dependent on your eyesight needs. You can even find fiber optic sights and night sights for those special competitions.

The Trigger

Depending on how you handle the gun, the trigger connector or the pull weight may frustrate you. You may like a soft feather touch, or rely on a heavier trigger pressure to fire, but whatever type of trigger touch you want, you can find a way to modify it until the contact is just right for your competition needs.

Competitions can fun. You can prove to yourself and to the world, that you know how to handle a gun, and that you have a keen eye and steady hand.