Warm Venue – Consider Cold Room Hire for Fresh Food

Room temperature normally isn’t cool enough

Storing food at room temperature can present quality and lifespan issues, particularly in heated rooms or during hot months. Please ensure that food laws and quality standards are maintained by securing adequate cold storage solutions when the on-site facilities cannot hold the amount of fresh food and drink required.

Perhaps you’re experiencing elevated levels of business, have an outdoor event planned or even a domestic event where food will be served to family and friends; the volume of food which must be preserved at optimum quality demands an effective temporary solution.

Hiring large refrigeration storage is perfect; competitive pricing, a range of legislation meeting facility options and hire flexibility should not be ignored, unless you’re prepared for poor quality reviews, compromised consumer health and potential loss of reputation. The cost of cold rooms is always less than the ramifications of taking unprofessional chances.

You must serve food as advertised so a fresh salad can’t be comprised of warm, wilting ingredients with a dressing that has turned sour in the heat. Why can’t the sauces and mayonnaises for barbeques be stored in a chiller in the time before they come in to use at an event? You have a capable team making sandwiches ready for hungry diners; how can these be preserved on a table under clingfilm? They can’t; they’ll be so unattractive and curling, the offerings may not even tempt the flies. You wouldn’t risk leaving steaks and burgers out in the sun to spoil so please be as assiduous with the accompaniments.

Storing items beneath a tree or the boot of a car is simply insufficient to meet obligations.

Freezer hire facilities are also available from large refrigeration storage unit suppliers.

A trustworthy supplier

The renowned Icecool Trailers, based in Newbury, has an extensive history of supplying large refrigeration storage hire facilities, and freezers, to clients across several southern counties. They understand the food laws, the need for hygienic facilities and efficiency. They also offer a 24/7 emergency service when on site fridges and freezers break down.

When considering hire durations remember to include preparation and post event or rush operations; taking large refrigeration storage for the shortest possible time won’t save the business much money but it will increase staff stress levels.

Please don’t feel compelled to select a hire firm with average reviews because they are located locally; if a firm quotes a rate much lower than competitors there is often a negative reason for their discounting so be wary.

The hire firm delivers and sets up the equipment; cold rooms are often built on site so there’s no need to be concerned about the units fitting through doorways. They can be powered via mains or generator so may be located exactly where they’ll prove most beneficial.

Cold rooms are available in a range of sizes, are insured, adequately lit, can be locked and staff are permitted to work in them safely by the HSE.

For complete confidence, please contact Icecool Trailers today about facilities which maximise fresh stock lifespans.