Who Needs an Air Compressor?

An air compressor uses power, usually electricity, to store potential energy in the form of pressurized air. This equipment type is composed of two basic units, the compressor and the air storage tank, with cords, hoses and attachments for various uses. There are compressors big enough to power industrial tools and small enough to be carried with one hand. You can use a compressor for many different tasks around the house or in your profession which makes buying a unit a good investment.

Auto Shops

Most professional auto shops run on compressed air power. You can find air wrenches, air powered lifts and much more in these shops. Many air powered tools can provide more force for the work at hand, making it easier to remove stubborn lug nuts or to properly tighten parts which can rattle loose on the road. Compressors are also an easy and effective way to inflate tires or power wash the shop. To keep your compressor running better for longer, it is a good idea to make sure that it is the right size, that you have enough units to run your equipment and that you have plenty of supplies like Donaldson compressed air filters for repairs and maintenance.

Home Hobby Shops

If your home hobby is repairing or restoring cars, then chances are that you already know some uses for an air compressor, but there are many other hobbies which can also benefit from this equipment. You can use these units to clean your workspace, spray paint your home or do other home improvement projects. You can also have a smaller unit for artistic hobbies like cosplay, jewelry making and baking because the compressed air can power jewelry files, air brushes and much more.

Since you can find air compressors in a range of sizes, you can find a variety of uses for them. Whether you want a small version for cake decorating or you need an industrial sized one for your auto shop, having compressed air power your tools can make your task easier.